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Installing software to Micro2440SDK board

Full port is not implemented yet. Only NativeSample loaded from RAM memory is implemented, but you need bootloader such as U-boot to do that. You can run NativeSample by moving it to RAM address 0x30000000 and executing it from the same address (Used RAM).

Getting started developing

Good article about setting up development environment can be found at Read more about developing with Eclipse from this page: Developing with Eclipse. Here are some basic steps to setup your development environment:

Install Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit v4.1

Use some simple directory such as c:\MicroFrameworkPK_v4_1

Checkout S3C2440 port to porting kit directory

Checkout to porting kit root folder (for example c:\MicroFrameworkPK_v4_1).

Install tool chain

This is covered for in the article that is mentioned above (
I have tested the code only with Sourcery G++ Lite version arm-2007q3-53-arm-none-eabi.

Build solution

Run setenv_gcc.cmd command in the porting kit root folder.
Build solution ROOT\Solutions\Micro2440SDK\dotnetmf.proj using MSBuild.

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